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New Liability Adjuster New Liability Adjuster
Hello everyone, I am a brand new liability adjuster. I am looking for advice from seasoned workers to improve both my accident related questions to help narrow down liability decisions, ways to be quicker (i feel like i have a millions new claims everyday) and tips for explaining liability to difficult customers. I appreciate it!
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New Liability Adjuster Re: New Liability Adjuster
Your company should be training you in all that or, at least, arranging for you to take classes.

However, if that's not happening I suggest you buy Casualty Claims Practice by Hirsch and Donaldson. It's an old edition (1992) but the basics are still good and, as I recall, there was good stuff in there about interviewing claimants and witnesses. For 20 bucks it's well worth having as a reference even if your company has it's own procedures to follow.

If you don't snag this copy, google it and you'll find others.

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