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Some Direct Mail Help? Some Direct Mail Help?
Im taking over some of my own marketing for the agency I work for this week. He's an old school agency owner of 20+ years and relies heavily on the corporate marketing tools, email drip campaigns and the straight cold call. I'm trying to get a little more modern, reach the masses and see what comes back. I've always preferred Direct Mailings over Email, I know the response rate is better and I love the deliverability. Can anyone lead me in the right direction? Websites? Price points I should be looking for? General strategy. I'm currently holding just north of $900K in my book and thinking about that ownership move in the next 2 years. I've never had to deal with marketing though, kind of lost. Strategy? Help?

Thanks everyone! Located in Maine and primarily do P&C with 20% of BOB in commercial
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Some Direct Mail Help? Re: Some Direct Mail Help?
If I'm being totally honest I'm not a big fan of direct mail in general, but that's because I'm a digital marketing specialist. What it boils down to is that your campaign is going to be influenced by how you're generating leads and what kind of conversion funnel you're putting those leads down. Buying lists and leads isn't what it used to be; typically your best ROI comes from well qualified PPC leads that an agency, freelancer, or you yourself generate.

If you're going for direct mail, I'd just advise caution in putting too much stake in it and cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that if your mail piques the interest of the reader that you have a well designed and optimized landing page on your website (that's clearly outlined in the letter) to direct customers to. These days, when people are interested, they go right to your site. You need to have your conversion opportunities ready for them there.
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Some Direct Mail Help? Re: Some Direct Mail Help?
Hi AllStateMaine,
Great questions. I think your instincts about the benefits of direct mail marketing are spot on, and I believe I can help with some of your questions.
In terms of general strategy, direct mail works best as a component of a larger marketing strategy. Its easier to simply look at whats shown up in the mail than to go online and begin searching. So a great strategy for direct mail, is to use it as the first touchpoint of a coordinated ad campaign. The direct mailer instructs people to visit a web page, a web page has additional information, and a contact form to fill out. Soon enough, by working along this general structure of the campaign, you should see leads to start rolling in.
And the data seems to back these statements up, as well. The U.S. Postal Service showed a 163 percent revenue lift for websites supported by catalogs, and demonstrated that more than 60 percent of catalog recipients were influenced to visit the featured companys website. It is a natural progression to receive a mailer and then visit the associated website, illustrating some of what Ive said above.
In terms of websites to visit for more information, novitex.com is a good one.
If you have any other questions feel free to shoot me a PM, or reach out at peter (dot) Bohjalian (at) novitex (dot) com
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