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LifeLock Employee Benefits LifeLock Employee Benefits
Any of you guys had any experience with LifeLock Employee Benefits? I contracted with them about two years ago. Most of my group business is made up of 50 to 100 employee size and it didn't take me long to figure out there's not much money there. I did find some non-profits though and realized I could make some good money there. The problem? They don't have a contract designed for non-profits and refuse to develop one. No reputable organization is going to sign a contract that deals with selling products, contracting sub-agents, and training sales staff as LifeLock's contract spells out. They use the exact same contract I signed as a broker for non-profits.

I'm just wondering if any of you have had the same problem? I found some non-profits that had membership numbers over 100,000 and they were ready to go but none of them would sign that contract. They're giving access to their membership for LifeLock to market to and in return can earn revenue based on the sales to their members. None want to risk their tax exempt status by signing a contract that strictly deals with sales. Any input would be appreciated.
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