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Todd King on Getting Sick of FE.....
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Getting Sick of FE..... Re: Getting Sick of FE.....
Originally Posted by KRobby View Post
I wasn't saying anything about you, just that the close ratio on Medical Supplement leads must be a disaster if all that I'm reading in this thread is true and overall premium is not even comparable, given the other known variables. I'm sure I'm not the only one that finds this astonishing/valuable to know ahead of time. It also suggests cold calling lists are the way to go with this market, which many won't want to do.
The closing ratio for MS are about the same as for FE. Somewhere around the 25% mark.
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Getting Sick of FE..... Re: Getting Sick of FE.....
Originally Posted by jdeasy View Post
In FE? No. I had moved from MP to MA plans mainly for leads. I did quite well in the MA business. I was the number one agent for 3 companies in this region.

Then Humana forced their MIPPA rules on us in 2008. I had added LH in 2007 for FE to cross sell to my MA clients because it was better than what the MA companies had available. That was my introduction to FE, Lincoln Heritage.

I found this forum in 2008 researching a med sup question about something my upline at Pyramid was telling us. It didn't ring true so I was asking questions. Turns out he was misinforming us.

Anyway, thru this forum I met Newby, even though we were only 40 miles apart we had never met.

Then thru this forum I met Travis. He was big into MA too and was wanting out. he had partnered with EFES and asked me to join up with him.

I resisted because I had dealt with EMG, {Equita Mortgage Group}, and did not have a good experience.

He convinced me they were different on the FE side so I signed on with him and them in Oct 2008.

It did not go well. I thought the leads were terrible. Ryan and I could not get along and they took me off the lead program. That was OK because I still had my "Nov file" that all MA agents had back then to take care of.

After finishing up that AEP I got back involved with FE. Dabbling around I wrote $6K ap in Jan 2009. Travis was able to get me back on the EFES lead program even though my PPL was around $40 if I would commit to giving a legit shot.

I decided to go all in with FE starting Feb 1, 2009. Then we had the ice storm of the century the end of Jan, 2009. I was without electricity for 2 weeks.

But I still managed to write $10K that Feb, {which I think is a benchmark for a fulltime agent}. Jan, 2009 was the last month I didn't write at least $10K FE in a month.

I never looked back. Meeting Travis Tubbs was the best thing to happen to me in this business. And we didn't meet in person until Feb, 2009. I don't know why he had the patience and faith that he did in me at a time when we had never met. He's one of my best friends in the world today but he didn't know me from Adam back in 2008 except from this forum and on the phone.
Sounds like a great friendship/business relationship. Being able to trust a mentor/colleague is huge. Trust is rare. I've always like reading the journey of a rep - successful or not. Good insight -
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