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VolAgent on Numbers Game
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Numbers Game Re: Numbers Game
Originally Posted by HoosierLife View Post
We are talking apples and oranges here. Nobody will disagree that you should take enough leads to make enough presentations to hit your goal. Those are numbers.

Now there are some that go too far. Usually marketers. There is still a skill level factor involved.

That's where the disconnect is. Some marketers will spout a 25% close ratio without taking into account training and ability.

Let's face it. Some people can't sell. Some people CAN sell, but they can't sell Final Expense. So for a marketer to come along and say "just buy more leads" and "it's a number's game," is not taking into account these factors. And I believe this is what JD and others are railing against.

Man I don't track none of that. I just know that I want to buy X amount of leads a week so I can hit my weekly goal each week. I don't track door knocks, calls, presentations or anything. I just sell.

BUT, there was a point where I realized that if I increased my lead order (numbers) it would be a lot easier to hit my goal with less effort.

But some people are more technical and like to see the numbers. If you know you have a 20% closing ratio (after you have proven yourself as a producer) and you're increase your lead flow by 10 more leads a week, that should, on average, produce 2-3 more sales a week.

OR make the same amount of sales with less time and effort.

The number's game is not going to matter if your phone skills are bad, if your presentation stinks, or if you're spending too much time with the wrong people etc.

Again, this is why it's so important to get good training and support. When Andrew F is talking about numbers or Ben Boman is talking about numbers, that's totally different than some marketer that has never sold FE successfully talking about numbers.
Spot on.

It most definitely is a numbers game, to pretend otherwise is a lie.

The problem is, so many people take it out of context. Two numbers matter, number of leads and closing percentage.

If you want to make more money, you need to increase one and preferably both. Increase your skill and increase the number of leads and you'll make a whole lot more money.

You can pay the premium or you can own the loss.
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Numbers Game Re: Numbers Game
Originally Posted by nfl72 View Post
Over the years I have found that many of my better days are produced while nursing a huge hang over.

I think they can actually sense that you don't care whether they buy it or not and they feel less pressured!

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

And ftr last night I only threw back 2 beers, ok wait; it might have been 22
So long as it was light beer, that don't even count as drinking.
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Numbers Game Re: Numbers Game
that reminds me of the time when I had to take my 20 year old daughter to court for a minor in possession ticket she got at MSU.

The kid in front of us was only 16 and was there for his 2nd DUI. He was all by himself, no parents or guardians for support. He was wearing a def leopard t-shirt.

The judge gave him a real chastising because it was his 2nd offense. He then asked how much the kid had to drink, to which he replied 11. To which the judge said "how could you possibly know you drank exactly 11 beers?"

The kid, without batting an eye, said with a straight face. It was pretty easy to figure out because the reason I got stopped was I swerved when I tried to open the last beer in the 12 pack, which I had just purchased 2 hours earlier!
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Super Genius
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Numbers Game Re: Numbers Game
Originally Posted by rousemark View Post
I grit my teeth a little every time I hear that said abut insurance sales. It gives new or failing agents the idea all they have to do is see more people. It does not take into account that selling is a skill and if a person is to be successful they need to put in time and effort perfecting that skill. They also need to put in time studying their chosen market.

I have known guys that would not be a successful if they were taking 50 Leads per week. One that comes to mind is a debit Agent on my staff that had a habit of not knowing when to shut up. He talked himself out of more sales than he ever talked himself into.

Then, you have agents take 10-20 Leads per week that do a tremendous amount of business. JD is one that comes to mind. Why is it possible? Usually they have taken the time to know their product inside and out but more importantly they know their market and the people that comprise it. Plus, they have polished their presentation and do not go into the pitch stumbling around wondering what to do or say next.
I don't understand MS reps say, seniors "BUY"(order) from them but are "SOLD" to by the FE market.. ?? What? I can't wrap my mind around that concept considering the moment you begin any contact with a prospect in either MS/FE salesmanship has begun..

Ultimately though - as Dan Pena says, "It's a numbers game folks".. The difference you're alluding to is simply being competent and prepared - which will condense the gap between the numbers(people you see prior to a sale).. Still a number game though. Can't get around that..
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