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Advice Needed!!- All Advise Appreciated Advice Needed!!- All Advise Appreciated
Hello All,

First of all , thank you to all the members that post on here, I have learned so much!!

I posted this in the senior forum, but maybe this is a better place to ask this advice

So I need a little advice.

I am still looking at going the independent route , but wondering since I am in Houston with all the devastation here if buying leads through DM and /or TM leads will be viable for the next 3-6 months . I looking at working the 65+ healthcare field , and wondering if really anyone will be interested in insurance with all that is going on ??- Even if it is their healthcare. I would think the life insurance would be even harder for a while to get traction.

I do have a small cushion

4 months of expenses saved
6k additional for leads to start
no debt
20k of credit via credit cards with 18months 0% interest.
awesome wife with stable good job that can actually float all the bills if need be for a while and is backing me 100%

only 50k between the both of us in 401k retirement accounts -- both 42 years old .

I am wondering if there really is a reputable call center in the Houston area that might be a wise choice to start instead since things are so bad here for the foreseeable future.

I do understand and agree with the no risk no reward concept and realize working for a call center and getting licensed in multiple states will drastically reduce the commission structure , but no leads means no business no matter where you are located.

Any help would be appreciated

Being so new it is scary going independent in this area and realize that no one is sending back Dm or Tm leads are hard to come buy

Thanks everyone
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Advice Needed!!- All Advise Appreciated Re: Advice Needed!!- All Advise Appreciated
I sold my first big life policy in Boston after the floods in New Orleans 60K premium. Natural disasters make it easy to close some life sales, however, I don't believe they make any difference in the number of leads through internet. You still have to call people and get in front of them.

MS can be sold over the phone and you can call from Houston to any 50 states.
Nothing wrong with saying that you are new and calling from Houston over the phone by the way. If done correctly, people will ask you about the floods and if they like you over the phone, you will find it somewhat easier to get started. It is still a hard business because you still have to pick up the phone and dial.

If you set up a web page, I would add a page with some flood pictures from your neighborhood.
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