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Issues with Life Change on Hc.gov Re: Issues with Life Change on Hc.gov
Originally Posted by Yagents View Post
Anytime you are dealing with a medicaid possibility, it will screw things up.
Remember the FPL adjusts higher mid-year, and income might also need to be raised a notch. If it was an auto renewal from 2016, then it also causes a "reset" for medicaid eligibility.

T65 with spouse left on plan is another one, I now call the Marketplace. It must now be done on the 1st of the month, the day they go on medicare. I have 5 to do on Aug 1st (fun fun) It now terminates policy as of the day before. Used to be we had to call on the last day of the month. Had a couple folks go uninsured for a day to due marketplace nonsensical change in ways.
I have a primary with younger spouse T65 in March (we called 3-1 to term just him), it JUST NOW (in July) has termed as of 2/28/2017. Kept getting Hc.gov agents who screwed it up reopening and resubmitting could not terminate just one off the app and would have to escalate EVERY FREAKING TIME and say "you will hear in 30 days" . they would reopen the app when I would call after 30 days when client was still getting billed for T65 who had been supposedly terminated. Carrier couldn't/wouldn't terminate because had not gotten permission from hc.gov DESPITE HIM BEING ON A MEDICARE PRODUCT WITH THEM since March!!!!.

I finally got one (who happened to be the same one as back two months earlier, I kept track of the name), and I was able to say. Hi "John", you don't remember me, but I remember you, DONT OPEN THE APPLICATION!!! You did that before and it didn't work. They actually remembered and were able to escalate immediately somehow. Maybe they have fixed it or something?? Or maybe the 90 days just ran out and carrier termed for non-pay, who the heck knows??? So screwed up.
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