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AIC or a 2 Year Degree ? AIC or a 2 Year Degree ?
Hello to all, I am reaching out to the insurance professionals in hopes of advice/ opinions in a certain matter. I have been trying to become employed as an entry level auto claims adjuster for a few years but I have been unsuccessful. I have ten years in the auto body repair business as a technician but that ended due to lower back trouble. I have a High School Diploma, I was I-CAR Certified, computer training at community college. 2010 Vale Training Solution in Auto Estimatics 3000 course with CCC Pathways Software. 2011 Maryland Property And Causality Producers License . 2013 U.S. Career Institute Claims Adjuster Training Certificate . At this point I need to make a decision as to weather I am going to get a two year degree at community college or a Associates In Claims (AIC) designation from The Institutes? I would appreciate all advice, opinions and questions on which one of the two would be the best choice as the one that would help me to reach my goal to become employed in claims. Thanks
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