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somarco on Real Time Leads
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Real Time Leads Re: Real Time Leads somarco is the thread starter for: Real Time Leads

Those who are uninsured, and I do get them from time to time but not by design, get a quick question that determines how much time I spend with them and how far I go.

1) How long have you been uninsured?

If a few weeks or months then I find out what they had & why they don't have coverage now. Usually it is that they are between jobs. If they have a job lined up with coverage I direct them to an STM site and that is the end of the discussion.

If the outlook for new coverage is indeterminate then I gather some quick information & throw out numbers. If they balk at the price for cat cover (high deductible, no copay) then I give them my website/quote engine and tell them to get back to me when they find a plan that suits them.

2) If they have been without coverage for more than 90 days we have a different trek.

Why are you looking for coverage now? You have been without coverage for 14 years, why do you want it now?

Those are usually very short conversations

Frankly, if someone is without coverage and cannot (or will not) spring for at least a $5k deductible with no copay I don't have the time or desire to convince them why they need a plan.

I have a few, very few, clients who were previously uninsured. I don't make enough to be an agent, advisor & parent to consumers. If they don't want to be a responsible adult and protect their assets I won't be their daddy & tell them why they need coverage.

Time to move on.

I don't time it, but I suspect my time on the phone with someone uninsured is usually 5 minutes or less.

The doctor is in. Five cents please.
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Real Time Leads Re: Real Time Leads
Can you recommend a good live lead generator. I have been at med-sup for a year just cold calling and basically the numbers play out to 1:100 as far as leads:calls. I know there has to be a more efficient than 400 or 500 dials every day. Also, you mention 4 or 5 med-sups per week in my situation that is only $150 X 4 or 5. I must be missing the money. My Dialer and leads are free and they are all T65 for the particular state I am calling,no live leads, internet response leads or other. Any advice is appreciated.
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robriggs on Real Time Leads
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Real Time Leads Re: Real Time Leads
Great input here

Rob Riggs
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