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grizznation on The Most Revolutionary Product Since the Agency Management System
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The Most Revolutionary Product Since the Agency Management System The Most Revolutionary Product Since the Agency Management System
Hello to all,

This is definitely a plug for Insuravision which I believe is the most revolutionary product to hit insurance agencies since the agency management system.

Insuravision is a cloud based peer to peer real time communication platform that allows agencies to:

-communicate in real time with clients or prospects (chat, text, phone, or face to face) anywhere in the world (down the street or anywhere else). Once the software is installed on your agency's website, your clients will be able to talk face to face with someone in your office in about 15 seconds without ever downloading any software or inputting any username or password.
-share documents in real time- share virtually any document in real time that can be annotized, highlighted, and signed. (like quotes or policies)
-real time application filling and electronic signing. (fill out applications with clients together and have them electronically sign it when completed. (Acord apps, Company supplemental apps, custom agency apps, virtually any application)
-user can upload documents to be shared too that can be annotated and highlighted. (they have a question about a letter they received, or about an audit, etc)
-screen share (allows you to share anything on your screen (or on your multiple screens if you use more than 1)
-white board to take notes.

Our software allows you to meet with clients/prospects in a way that's never been done before. Think of it like skype/gotomeeting/docusign/file sharing with annotating/whiteboard/calculator all in one without the client or prospect ever having to download any software or input any usernames, passwords, access codes, or pin #'s.

With our software it's possible to:
1. Call a prospect
2. Connect to prospect using Insuravision by asking him to visit your website and press a button. (the web surfing visitor can also click a "talk to us" now button at the bottom of your website and connect that way)
3. Once connected, the prospect can see your face. The prospect chooses whether you can see their face or not.
4. As your talking face to face with your prospect, you build a rapport with him building trust and discovering his true insurance needs.
5. You fill out the insurance applications TOGETHER in real time. Making sure all answers are answered correctly the first time.
6. You enable screen share and walk him through the quoting screens of one of your companies.
7. You download the quote and upload it to the virtual meeting where you can highlight and annotate coverages and prices.
8. He hesitates and you remind him how easy it is to talk face to face with anyone on your staff. You remind him that if he ever had a claim, he could be talking face to face with someone from your agency in 15 seconds time. You remind him that if he has a question about his audit, he can upload it to the meeting where your staff can help him fill it out in real time all without having to drive to your office or you having to drive to his.
9. He decides to go with your quote and electronically signs the apps and eft forms.
10. You go back to the issue screens of the company and walk him through putting in his account info for the direct draft.
11. Client asks if you write homeowners insurance too.
12. You pull up company brochures that write homeowners and begin discussing it.
13. You enable screen share and go to your rater and quote his home.
13. Upload quote to meeting and highlight and annotate.
14. Get homeowners apps signed.
15. Using screen share, you bind the policy and give him his new policy number.

How much time would your CSR's save if they could communicate with clients this way? How many more policies could your agents sell if they didn't have to spend half their day in traffic driving all over the city between appointments?

I'm an independent agency owner just like a lot of you are and I want us to be around for a very long time which is why my team and I developed this software. The future of independent insurance agencies depend on our ability to adapt and evolve digitally while still providing the level of expertise only a independent insurance agency can provide.

For a demo of the software, please visit my P & C insurance agency, Raleigh Bartlett Insurance's website rbimemphis.com to see how the software works (we're available for demo's M-F 8:3- am-4:30 p.m CST. I may be on another call so if you can't get me during those times, please PM me and we'll set a time) Our company website "insuravision.com" isn't ready yet so you'll have to demo it through my agency for now.

Thank you for reading.
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