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Newby on New FE Carrier - Cincinnati Equitable Life
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New FE Carrier - Cincinnati Equitable Life New FE Carrier - Cincinnati Equitable Life
Cincinnati Equitable Life has been my favorite Preneed Insurance Company for the past 10-years. They approached me some time back to help them design a competitive Final Expense Product.

Now the product is ready to sell in six states and will be adding many more states by the end of this year. The current states are: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi.

I was hoping to have a highly competitive product at all the age bands. Unfortunately, like all other products on the market, it falls way short of that. But it does have some nice sweet spots that are very usable.

The most competitive ages on the preferred product are ages 60 to 75. That is our prime market and where this product falls in line nicely.

There is also a Standard rate product which also offers 1st day full coverage with just higher rates than Preferred but which accepts additional health conditions like a heart attack or stroke more than 12-months ago. This one is priced well compared to other company's Standard rate product.

The point of sale interview does follow the application and give an approval or decline at the end of the phone interview.

Street level commissions are 115% BUT for a limited time agents who contract through FexContracting.com will be appointed at 125%!!!

This is a great opportunity to give yourself a raise AND as an added bonus everyone who contracts by July gets a FREE subscription to the new FexContracting Quote tool for your iPhone or Android phone. The quoter will quote rates in all 50 states for every Medicare Supplement company as well as many FE companies.

Call us today at (800) 673-5309 or visit our website at — Your inside track to selling more, making more and working smarter

fexcontracting is about helping independent FE agents get good contracts with the top quality companies and get them up to speed fast with product knowledge and a plan to succeed.
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