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Technology for Med Supps Technology for Med Supps
You are talking to a person who knows almost nothing about phones or computers, and for purposes of this discussion has nothing.

What sort of telephone and computer technology is it necessary to learn about and acquire to do a Med Supp business?


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Justin Bilyj on Technology for Med Supps
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Technology for Med Supps Re: Technology for Med Supps
To run quotes you need a cell-phone or a laptop. To do OTP (over the phone) you need at least a phone, better if you have a laptop that you can access quotes while you talk on the phone.
If you have a webcam - that could help out as well when you talk to people OTP that may have resistance to some of the things you are educating them about.
Having a laptop will also enable you to do web-conferences with the prospects so they can see your computer screen i.e. rates, your story, the application.
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