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Alternatives for Newbies Alternatives for Newbies
As a newbie scanning posts and replies regarding the absurdity of the cost of leads and low commissions offered by companies such as Equis & Symmetry I haven't seen too many offering legitimate alternatives. I haven't scanned everything so I'm sure I missed some. Can the forum community please offer some solid alternatives for us new to the business? Us newbies are only able to compare what we have been exposed to. Equis and Symmetry do a great job recruiting so we wind up choosing between these two as we don't know the legitimate alternatives. Please help.
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LGilmore on Alternatives for Newbies
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Alternatives for Newbies Re: Alternatives for Newbies
If you're new I would strongly suggest looking at a career company to start at. Chances are you will get a better insurance education that you will carry with you throughout your career. 4 or 5 years in you can decide if going independent is for you.

Yes, career agency commissions are usually lower, but you get a free insurance education if you do it right, so it's a trade off. If you're only concerning yourself out of the gate with how big a commission you will get, well usually within a year you'll be doing something else.

Go where you'll actually learn product knowledge, where they will teach you about how each type of insurance works. Do that and the payoff later will be more business.
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