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Charley Parker on New Startup is Revolutionizing the Insurance Lead Industry
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New Startup is Revolutionizing the Insurance Lead Industry New Startup is Revolutionizing the Insurance Lead Industry
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Insurance agents have become used to the fact that there is almost no transparency in the lead industry. Most of the time when they buy leads, itís through a big lead aggregation company, and they have no clue where the lead came from, when it was generated, or if the lead is even from a person who is interested in insurance.

According to Fresh Leads co-founder Justin Aquilia, ďthe insurance lead industry has completely lost any trust it has with the insurance agent.Ē After decades of deceiving consumers into purchasing poor quality leads, itís almost impossible to trust anyone selling online leads. Which he believes hurts those who are generating quality leads.

He then goes on further to say ďthe solution to saving the industry is to create a fully transparent lead marketplace where agents can buy leads from all sources in one place, and compare sources against each other.Ē This concept is the basis of his creation of Fresh Leads.

When an agent buys a lead in Fresh Leads, they can see exactly which website the consumer filled out a lead form, and what time they filled out that lead. There are also safeguards in place to validate that every lead sold in the Fresh Leads marketplace is no more than 5 minutes old, and has never been sold to any other agents. So, itís a fully exclusive and real time marketplace for agents.

The beauty of the system is that as an agent starts to buy leads, they can mark off which leads turn into sales, and start to see what their cost-per-sale is per lead source. And, to take it further, they can bid differently per lead source depending on their performance from that source.

Interested agents or agencies can create an account or schedule a demo with a Fresh Leads onboarding specialist. Itís all a pay as you go system, kind of like Google Adwords, but for leads. Which means there are no commitments, no contracts, and you can spend as little or as much as you want to.
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