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Originally Posted by ktmorgan View Post
I know of a MGA in CA who is specifically seeking female Commercial agents for nationwide jobs. This guy is trying to be the national Commercial Insurance Cannabis King. He's on to something too. Cannabis is now not-illegal in something like 30 states now including D.C.

The whole national narrative is changing very quickly on the legal use and sale of cannabis. And with CO and CA making it fully legal to buy and grow and therefore tax at the Municipal and State level it's about to be a VERY BIG, legal, revenue generating business. There is also massive Private Equity and VC money pouring into the industry.

So there's always that. I'm guessing he thinks female agents will do very well. I think he's right. Chick's Rule!

Lot's of insurance needs required for a whole new industry.

Of course basic economics suggest that once there's so much supply prices of the end product will plummet. I seriously doubt the idea of Supply-Side economic in this case. I don't think making the product legal will create sufficient demand to maintain current prices of the product. I think many of their business models are created with 'black-market' price inputs, so there will be some lower price equilibrium somewhere

But in the meantime they still need to be insured. Lot's of D&O, EPLI, E&S, Crop Insurance, Personal & Product Liability, CGL, BOP...and stuff.
What in the world??! Lol.... 😂 not the market I'm looking for or desiring to be in!! I have an established and growing business already..

Jessica Durphy

Jessica Durphy
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Female Commercial Agent Female Commercial Agent
Like I said, the national narrative on acceptance and legal use and revenue generation, therefore legislation and regulation and taxation is rapidly changing directly under the feet of many who don't yet see it, or who choose not to see it.

Private Equity and VC's do their homework. If they're funding certain parts of the Industry it's usually wise to follow, or at least pay close attention for investable opportunities whether it be through Human Capital or otherwise

He says he has a line out the door of experienced Agency/Brokerage career business-building, entrepreneurial type of women breaking away for the "first-mover-advantage." He says had to pull the add after 3 days. He's was overwhelmed with CV's. International play too.

I would expect the "bible-belt" to be a bit slower to come around. As with all new major societal changes they tend to come from the Coasts inward.

Certainly not for everyone though.

Just a thoughtful answer to a question about what kind of success female Commercial agents might have from an Internet Yak Board. It's worth exactly what you paid for it.

Decent site for current info: State Marijuana Laws in 2017 Map

Originally Posted by Jessica Durphy View Post
What in the world??! Lol.... 😂 not the market I'm looking for or desiring to be in!! I have an established and growing business already..

Jessica Durphy

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Female Commercial Agent Re: Female Commercial Agent
It's great to be empowered, however gender alone does not make a producer excellent, it's knowledge of programs and networking.

Joining associations and holding events for clients is a great way to break through the industry. The buyers are less concerned of the producer's gender rather than the insurance product and the producer's knowledge in the industry.

In retail, female producers tend to be successful as their voice and demeanor is generally pleasant. It really depends who is on the other end of the phone/desk when factoring these traits.
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