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Why Do It if You Don't Get Paid Why Do It if You Don't Get Paid
Individual Health plans ---- It isn't my main business but I do have a decent book of it.

The first year that the Market Place was available I got certified to do Market Place subsidized business. It was totally against everything I believe in and did not sell any subsidized plans. Direct rates and Market Place rates were always virtually the same so I just did direct business.

In my Area we have Highmark (maybe if they haven't pulled out) Capital Blues and Geisinger Health. From what I hear Geisinger isn't paying anything on individual plans and Capital Blues is not paying commission on new customers.

So I must focus on retaining my Capital Blues clients. Capital Blues has sent letters that some plans will no longer be offered; rates are going up and the plans I am seeing start off with a $7,000 deductible.

People are PO'd! So to try and retain business that I can get paid on, to keep people somewhat happy ---- I will have to try and steer existing customers to get subsidized plans.

This mess is working out as we all knew it would and the drafters of the ACA knew it would.

I have no idea what the new administration can or will do to fix it. I think that there is probably only one way out now and that will be to nationalize the health care system. Just as in Europe, new markets called top-up plans will emerge for us to sell.

I just remember the stats before the ACA and that was 85% (sometimes greater) of the people were happy with their health insurance.

Just went to my physician (Central PA not large urban) and recently received the EOB. A plain old say hello doc, office visit is not billed at $276.

What a mess!!!!!!!!!

Soon having a job will be an oddity ---
"Elon Musk has chimed in on what he thinks the future will look like: The robots will"
indeed take our jobs, and we'll rely on the government to
cut us checks and keep us afloat.''

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