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Todd King on USAA Medicare Products Exclusive?
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USAA Medicare Products Exclusive? Re: USAA Medicare Products Exclusive?
Originally Posted by Newby View Post
Sure there is plenty of money. But I'm the kind of guy that if I build Hondas for a living and Honda is paying me a nice income, I'm driving a Honda. Everyone that knows me is going to see me driving a Honda.

If I'm an independent insurance agent I'm doing business with independent insurance agents. I don't sell P&C at all. But I buy my auto, homeowners and business insurance from a local independent agency.

A company that wants to cut true agents out of the picture all together would be the last place I would consider for anything. I mean look at what this thread is about. They sell a Med Sup. But they won't let any of your agents sell it. They would actually like to steal sales away from you and your agents. I would never buy a product from them in a million years.

I can understand if he bought into them when he was younger and has an uninsurable condition now. But I would look long and hard before I gave up.

Maybe it's a generation thing. I've become the old geezer guy. But I'm doing business with businesses that support us.
We did look around for him. Even got another well-respected agent on here involved. Nobody could touch it.
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