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Sam on The forum policy on New Members posting ads and links
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The forum policy on New Members posting ads and links The forum policy on New Members posting ads and links
Every single day, we get new members who post their services, offers, and advertising. Some of these are posts that are little more than spam, sometimes they are offers that are just not worthwhile, and other times, they are decent offers that could actually benefit the forum members. I am writing our policy clearly so that I don't have to continue to email everyone who gets their posts deleted.

This forum does NOT allow new members to join and have any of their first 100 posts be an advertisement of some service that they offer, regardless of what the offer is. If anyone would like to promote their services website or products on the forum, there is a very simple way to do it. Contribute! You can join in our discussions, or you can start a new one about your niche or area of expertise.

There are members of our forum who benefit financially from their posts, and they do so because they actually contribute. This establishes you as someone who knows what they are talking about, and separates you from the spammers. Ultimately, that is a much better way to generate business anyway.

We cannot be forced to make a determination every time, if someones services are going to benefit us or not, nor do we owe anyone free advertising. If you are serious about getting the word out, then contribute and post useful information for other members. Otherwise, those posts will get deleted. No one that stands to benefit from advertising their services is so busy that they cannot contribute. If they feel it is not worth their time to do so, then I would be happy to recommend some other places where they can post their ads.

Before you start posting, make sure you have read the Forum Rules

Insurance Agent Forum

Best regards,

Insurance Forums Administrators

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